Behind Lafeaduckling


So what does "Lafeaduckling" even mean? "Lafea" comes from the Spanish words meaning "The Ugly", which translates Lafeaduckling to TheUglyDuckling. Lafeaduckling was created by an artist named, Abby Ramirez. She created this brand in her very own room in California. She wanted to create a brand that made everyone feel included, a universal brand, something everyone can enjoy. So combining her photography, poetry, and creativity, while focusing on two major factors; simplicity and comfort; Lafeaduckling was born. Lafeaduckling not only is about unity, but every aspect of our brand is created by local artists/businesses from our own designs to the businesses we use to create our products. We want you to know that when you buy from us you are supporting everyday people like you and I, so we want to say thank you for stopping by.