•Handmade evil eye silver earrings

•Fish hook with rubber backs


Evil Eye Color Meanings

-Light Green: Sucess protection, increased personal power, relaxation and enjoyment of life, good health


Dark Blue: Karma and fate protection, calm and relaxation to counteract chaos or agitation, to open the flow of communication


Light Blue: General protection, broaden your perspective, learning new information, solitude and peace


Black: Power and prosperity protection, to become inconspicuous, to open the door to mystery, to prepare for the unknown


Brown: Element protection, sold wholesome feeling, to blend with the background, a connection with natural earth and the stability this brings, orderliness and convention


Purple: Protection, to use your imagination to its fullest, to re-balance your life, to remove obstacles, to calm overactivity, to energize from depression


Red: Courage protection, increased enthusiasm, confidence to go after your dreams, protection from fears and anxieties


Yellow: Health protection, for decision-making, relief from "burnout", panic, nervousness, exhaustion, sharper memory and concentration skills, protection from lethargy and depression


Transparent: Clarity, mindfulness and sanity protection, to comply a neutral, non-invasive feeling

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  • This item should be kept away from moisture and should not be worn in the shower. We are not responsible for replacing discolored items after use.