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•Gold plated stainless steel

•Pendent size is 1.2cm x 2.2cm

•16" + 2" link chain


Angel Number Meanings

•111: Your intentions are manifesting quickly ! Make sure you're focusing on what you actually WANT, not what you don't want.


•222: Stop worrying. Everything is working out just as it's supposed to. Trust that you are on the right path.


•333: Your guides are right by you, assisting you with whatever it is that you're currently working on. You're in great hands !


•444: You are completely surrounded by angels. You are being guided through whatever you are focusing on.


•555: Huge changes are up ahead. Trust that this transition is for your highest good. Prepare for massive shifts ! Things are getting exciting.


•666: Your thoughts need some refocusing. This is a reminder that you are a spiritual being having a human experience. Reconnect with your spirituality.


•777: Luck is on your side. You are on the ultimate spiritual path. Keep doing what you're doing.


•888: Lots of money ! Financial abundance is on its way to you right now. You are aligned with the money you desire.


•999: You are being nudged to finish something because that completion will unlock the next step for you


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$22.22 Regular Price
$15.11Sale Price
  • This item should be kept away from moisture and should not be worn in the shower. We are not responsible for replacing discolored items after use.

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